About Us

We provide tape you can trust at a price you’re excited about. At goodcuttingmachine.store, we don’t do business with our customers, we’re in business with our customers. We know that you want to be satisfied, happy, and productive in your work, so we provide the tapes and protective films that you need to get the job done at an affordable price. Your success ensures our continued success, and we know it! Benefits we offer to our customers include: Free Shipping: goodcuttingmachine.store offers free shipping within the contiguous 48 states for all orders. In addition to controlling supply costs, our customers appreciate predictable pricing that makes job estimates and bookkeeping easier. Bulk Discounts: Maintaining reasonable order minimums is one way we keep pricing low and helps our customers to sustain manageable inventory. Easy Online Ordering: Whether you are ordering off of our website or on Amazon, it’s never been easier to purchase goodcuttingmachine.store products. Everything is listed with a product description and measurements, so you can feel assured about purchasing online. Products Made in USA: With 100% American-made tools, this tape is made in the U.S.A. for guaranteed quality. While many brands source their production and materials from other countries to save a quick buck, we are dedicated to going the extra mile to provide quality products that we are proud of.